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Kelly Fastuca is an Australian born comedian who has been based in New York City from 2010 to 2016 where she survived 2 hurricanes and multiple blizzards. Now relocated back to her hometown in Melbourne, she continues to perform stand up all over, talk on the radio or telly and loves to play candy crush. Here are some career highlights.


  • Stand up comedian who has played rooms in NYC such as The comedy Cellars Fat Black Pussy Cat, The Stand, Stand up New York and Carolines.

  • Gigs regularly around Melbourne and has guested on shows that include Frocking Hilarious and a cast member of Geraldine Hickey’s That’s My Show for MICF 2018 

  • Worked on TV shows such as Rosehaven (ABC) The Logies (Channel 9) and Out of the Question (Channel 7)

  • Guested on podcasts which include Don’t you know who I am, I love Green Guide Letters, Keith and the Girl

  • Has included guests on her podcast ‘Get your hand off it,’ like Jane Kennedy, Charlie Pickering and Celia Pacquola.

  • Featured on Triple J’s Matt and Alex which helped sell out the entire Adelaide 2016 season.


"One to watch and be surprised by." Herald Sun 2015

"Fastuca had the audience laughing non-stop with her quick wit... is a genuine comedic talent." squirrelcomedy 2015

Want more details? Here's a full list of credits:


Stand up NY (US)

The Stand (US)

Laughing Devil (Now The Standing Room) (US)

Gotham (US)

Caroline’s (US)

Levity Live (US)

Greenwich Village Comedy Club (US)

The Village Lantern (US)

The Grisly Pear (US)

Bar Matchless (US)

The Creek and the Cave (Hosted monthly show Underbelly 2010-2014) (US)

Frocking Hilarious for Action Aid at the Comedy Theatre

The Comics Lounge

The Local




The Rochester 

Crab Lab


Worst First Dates: Host 

Get Your Hand Off It: Host

Don't you know who i Am

YKWD with Robert Kelly: Regular (US)

Keith and the Girl (US)

Opie and Anthony: guest (US)

The Comedy Cellar Podcast (US)

The After Show with Sam Roberts: guest (US)

The Hole: Guest (US)

Legions of Skanks: Guest (US)

The Offstage Podcast: Guest (US)

Nobody Asked You with Michael Che: Guest (US)

The Round table: Guest (US)

Green Guide Letters

Comedy Gem's with Vic and Em


Rosehaven - ABC, Guest 2019

National Wrap - ABC, Guest 2018

‘Cheat book launch’ at the Village Underground for Riotcast TV- host (US) 2012

‘Medibank Private singles campaign TVC’ – guest role 2009

‘Out of the Question’, - guest role 2009

‘The Mansion,’ - multiple guest roles 2008

‘Government Contributing Super Promotion TVC’ – lead role 2008



2004,09,10,15,16, 17, 18, 19, 20 Melbourne international Comedy Festival

2013-2014            New York Comedy Festival (US)

2014                      Jersey City Comedy Festival (US)

2012                      Cape Fear Comedy Festival (US)

2003,04,08- 2009 , 2019       Melbourne Fringe Festival

2016 Sydney Comedy Festival 


2004 Waiting: Tangible Productions

2005 That show with those people (sketch comedy): Tangible Productions 2005

Danny Katz

Anarchist Guild Social Committee: Trades Hall 2008 - 2010, 2017



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